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SGI/ICAN antinuclear exhibition “Everything You Treasure” Held at IPPNW North Asia Regional Conferen

The 10th IPPNW (International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War) North Asia Regional Conference and the 3rd North-South Consultative Meeting opened on September 13 in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. The two-day conference on the theme “Peace and a Healthy Environment” welcomed about 100 participants not only from countries in Asia and the Pacific but also from Europe.

The conference opened with remarks by Minister of Health of Mongolia D. Sarangerel followed by greetings from Dr. Masao Tomonaga, Regional President of the IPPNW, and Dr. D. Delgertsetseg, Mongolian Affiliate of the IPPNW. Dr. Tilman Ruff, Co-President of the IPPNW, gave a keynote speech on “UN Adoption of Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and Prospects for a Nuclear-Free World.”

SGI contributed to the conference with the first showing of the SGI/ICAN “Everything You Treasure—For a World Free From Nuclear Weapons” exhibit in Mongolia. The exhibition has been held in 87 cities in 20 countries since its launch in Hiroshima in 2012.

Kimiaki Kawai, SGI Director of Peace and Human Rights, introduced the exhibition to the participants in the opening plenary, expressing his deep appreciation for SGI’s being part of the significant conference.

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