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Faith Communities Meet with the Chair of 2019 NPT PrepCom

On May 2, representatives of the Faith Communities Concerned about Nuclear Weapons met with Ambassador Mr. Syed Md Hasrin Syed Hussin of Malaysia, Chair of the third session of NPT Preparatory Committee, in New York, to hand over an interfaith statement for the conference. Among those who attended the meeting were Mr. Kimiaki Kawai, SGI Director for Peace and Human Right, Ms. Patricia Pulham, a member of the Executive Committee of the Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Ms. Mary Yelenic, Pax Christi International NGO Representative to the UN and others.

Ambassador Syed Md Hasrin Syed Hussin expressed his appreciation to the efforts made by the faith communities. He also said that it is important to listen to the voices from civil society, especially in the face of such a highly difficult task of nuclear disarmament.

The statement and signatories can viewed here.

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