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The 12th Amman Security Colloquium

The Amman Security Colloquium is a gathering of experts and officials on the security issues of the Middle East co-organized by Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS), Government of the Netherlands, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Stanton Foundation. On the second day of the 12th Colloquium, Kimiaki Kawai of SGI delivered a presentation entitled “What is the Future We All Deserve? A Civil Society Perspective for a World Free from Nuclear Weapons.” He focused on two key questions: What is the role and importance of civil society with regard to issues of nuclear weapons which are highly technical, complicated and political; and What are the challenges to the nuclear weapons abolition efforts that civil society faces today. Taking the SGI/ICAN antinuclear exhibition Everything You Treasure—For a World Free From Nuclear Weapons as an example, he said SGI provides a forum for dialogue and a place where people can learn together, exchange views and share ideas and experiences in the quest for a better world, inviting them to think about what they treasure, what they feel and what actions they plan to take in and for the future.

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